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The day after: The Cycle Goes On

Tammy called today. To say that Pops was finally resting in peace. Not so sure about that, but she sounded chill. Glad she’s not bitter any more. Told her what Will told me when he left for the quarantine zone. To follow bliss. *facepalm*

You gotta stop parroting, gurl.

Wonder if Will was following his bliss with Aiko? Or was that his baby all along?

Aarghhh!! #ResetDevice

When the Chief Administrator saw me breakdown, he came back to life. He really is his own Ze & Hir. He got me this, donno what it’s called – I’ll have to jfgi. But it’s a triangle that stands. With a long rectangular base. He put it on my desk on his way out. Got a mug with hot water from the pantry. Asked for one of his green tea-bags, told me to powder my nose and bring in my clicker.

The thing he put on my desk, all black, has lettering carved on it in gold.

To live in hearts we leave behind is not to die

When I went in and asked what he meant by my clicker, he said with a gentle smile – your iPad, Miss Paige.

It’s nearly a quarter to 10. And I’m still here. He keeps dictating, asking for prints, and doing it all over again. I don’t know how much longer this will go on, but I’m glad. When he saw me smile as I was explaining how my clicker works, he looked deep into my eyes and said – Work is worship, is it not?

Miss you pops.

Be well, Will. You will always exist in my song.

7 days ago: I'd Like To Thank The Platform

I surprised my Silly Billy with Penne a la Arrabiata last night. I guess the wine I’d served got him all chatty, but at least he makes sense now. Yesterday’s WILLTalk was on Cultural lag―the gap between our cultural values & practices and our tech. When he told me that we’d figured out how to edit genes and clone people as far back as 1998, I was like *yawn* whatevs.

But then he made it real. Like, really real. It would be like coding and designing a person, he said, like we do for our online avatars, and then 3D printing them organically.

And I was like Whoa...

It was hard to keep up with Will over dinner, but now that I’ve looked it all up from the recording (I’ve begun recording our conversations and looking stuff up afterwards), it’s really got me trippin.

Why are we so afraid of change?

Mutation is actually how evolution happens in the first place. And you gotta give it to the Dalai Lama. He’s still the only leader of a world religion who’s totes #ForTransHumanism.

And then Billy went off on religion. (Blew his load, is more like it) How religion is nothing but society’s gamification of its morality. AND mortality. Getting to Heaven is like getting the top score?


I’m probably going to rot in hell just for blogging this. Billy ended it all on a nice note, tho. #DanteWasWrong #FrancisOfAssisiLives

Maybe I should write to Caleb about all this, he’ll be able to relate. All he used to do was play DotA. Or was it Age of Empires? Or was it GTA? Dayumnnn… Rep++ yo. I think it’s all coming together in my head now.

Anyhoo, too bad I can’t tell him about the counsellor and the baby she’s popping out of thin air. Stupid Big-Chief-Do-Nothing and his blonde gag order. Something this cray and less than 20 of us know. 

13 days ago: The Counsellor Is Back, Hallelujah!

I was hoping to take off early yesterday to doll up for the upcoming day of rest, which is today btw, when the report of the attack on the bus came in. Obviously there was no way to get out of the cluster-fuck the administrative office turned into.

The Chief Administrator stayed over. As did No. 2 and William. And even though there was nothing any of us little people could do, we all stayed put until No. 2 went from desk to desk telling us to go get some rest.

As I was passing by the security section to get the Chief Administrator a snack, I noticed their Chief totes off-the-hook. There were maps with pins on the wall, wireless reports coming in, a full-scale search and rescue operation raging.

The peacekeepers had it the worst I guess. And those two, the ones who were on the bus with the kids, I really hope Rambo lets them out of the stockade now.

And Chief Big-talk... From the report he just had me tap out to Rolfe, he made it sound like he Liam Neesoned her back with his very particular set of skills... Ugh!

I hope they let Will go soon.

15 days ago: Hashtag Earthling

So the 22nd class of Diablo graduated today as full citizens. And it was dope!

And it's not like this was the first one I had been to either. I still remember lil Caleb standing there and taking his pledge.

I guess life was harder for Caleb than it was for me or Tammy because he didn't even get to know mum. Now that I think about it, her loss was his first apocalypse. I should probably check in on him after I'm done keying this in.

After the graduation, on our way out, the Chief Administrator asked me to send some fine chocolates to the Head Counsellor. He may sick-burn those he's unhappy with but he really does reward the ones who have done well for him.

On the way back he began talking about this exquisite chocolate making company called Royce from Japan. 'One of the many fine things we lost in the apocalypse', he said.

Okay now why am I going on and on about him like I used to when I had just arrived? *facepalm*

This post was about the graduation and the new hashtag that has popped up.


Best part, my new blog address - was available so I changed it to that as well.

When I was going on and on about this to William, he wasn't impressed. Just showed me a meme. And then went off on a Will-talk about humanity's vanity and fallibility, lol.

Here it is, y'all.
Meme Credits: Meme Spirited

But then my silly-Billy totes killed my buzz by showing me this insane docu called 'Earthlings' about how we humans treat animals - lesser Earthlings. It was so heart-wrenching, I couldn't watch for long.

Even looking at the poster we found is too much now....

All I hear are the young rapper's words in my mind: Chuck, Roast, Brisket, or Hind, When yo mama serve em veggies, all I say is never mind! as I look at the poster. I'm even thinking about #GoingVegan

28 days ago: Uppity Cunt!




Alright... I really need to calm down or I'm going to bust the keyboard here... sheesh...

So here's how it went down:

Councilman David had come in today to update the Chief Administrator on the street-art outreach program that the comply tags had turned into. And he brought with him Aiko, a GRADE-A BITCHHH!!!

Alright Paige, think positive and happy thoughts. *takes 10 deep breaths*

So, he'd brought a mutant along. This snotty Asian goth bitch who, get this, was acting like she was doing us all a freakin favour by breathing the same air as us.

Barely had they settled down in the conference room when I told them that William would be sitting in on the meet instead of the Chief Administrator since both he and No. 2 were away inspecting the newly installed CCTV systems in the tower stairwells and basements. That bitch turns to Councilman David and rolls her eyes even as I'm still talking.

Sweet Jesus, they themselves were late to begin with. Did she really expect the Chief Administrator to be hanging around while she was taking her time getting all gussied up?

And then she interrupted me as I was formally introducing my Billy with a rude - We can introduce ourselves, could you get us something to drink?

When I returned, she was talking about the music playing in the elevators. William, though, seemed to be eating of her hands.

Wagner? he asked her. And that BITCH corrected his pronunciation. Not Wagner (like wag-ner) but Wagner (Vaag-ner). If I wanted more paint from the administration to continue my totally pointless feel-good street-art program, I'd be a lot more humane. And I sure as hell wouldn't go out of my way to point out mistakes that don't matter. Like, who the hell even cares, man.

I'd have left the room after serving the beverages but I had to stick around and record the minutes of the meet. If I had any doubts about her negging working on William, they were cleared when he insisted on giving them a tour of the Administrative office and some of the terrarium. Like Hellooo!! I'm in the room man!!!

I snuck into William's cubicle while he was away. He's changed his password to an alpha-numeric combination of my name so I logged right in and looked up her file.

Turns out she's unemployed and Viktor, the older man she was shacking up with, died after getting his weekly antidote due to some chemical interaction.

And now I'm feeling a lil sad for her.

Anyway, here's an interesting Urban Dictionary entry I found xD

41 days ago: Asian Fixation

We celebrated William’s successful prosecution at Benihana today. It was good cos it felt normal again.


We’ve been together barely a month and we already sound like a suburban couple with three kids and a dog, getting by from one date night to another.

He spoke a little of his family while the sushi-chef was doing the freak show. Being a product of the one-child policy, he said he envied me for having siblings. He makes everything sound so theoretical!!! But I’d be happy to switch places with him anytime. That way, you don’t have to share your parents or your stuff. And no one ever replaces you as the baby.

I guess the trial was still on his mind because he suddenly began speaking of the Chief Administrator’s brilliance in bringing in the thief’s sister to force a confession. JESUS!!! He called it Myoshu. Some sort of an inspired move in Go, which is some sort of Asian Chess. Must be a big deal, cos even the sushi-chef knew about it. And then they got into an argument about who invented the game, the Chinese or the Japanese. *facepalm*. Like it matters!

My silly Billy, he’s so full of the far-east stuff. I hope we Americans don’t sound like this to the rest of the world.

Just to get him to shut up about Big Chief, I told him I used to have a crush on that Douchebag Dandy, as he’d once called him. He reddened a little, ate his Sashimi in silence for a while and jokingly said that he now felt the same way.

I was like Whaaa? I tried telling Billy how it was SO not cool to bring in the defendant’s sister like that. It’s not like she did anything wrong. And what if the man was innocent? How was he going to explain it to her later on?

She reminded me so much of Tammy... all bossy like.

And then William totally tripped me up with a question―Would I feel the same way if I were Mrs Katzoff? Or her son? And then he went off on a rant about the weight of a crown, and precedents and what not. I don’t remember much else, I just tuned him out.

So yea, date-night didn’t go as well as I’d hoped.

But the sex was good.

Maybe I should wake him up for seconds.

50 days ago: Poop & Rubbers

The first few days after the Chief Administrator's snub were hard on William.

He was all mopey for a few days. Keeping to himself at work.
Not saying much to say to me either, even after-hours.

But then he finally got his groove back channelling all of his energies into the investigation. The process of elimination, my Billy called it.

Eliminating a list of perpetrators from over 4,500 to near 300. Then down to 60 and finally where they're at today - 3 prime suspects. The Chief Administrator was thrilled when the Chief of Security updated him in the weekly chief-of-staffs meeting, giving full credit to Billy.

That's how I found out myself - as I was taking down the minutes of the meet. It felt really good to see the Chief Administrator applaud my Billy's efforts.

Of course, the words - process of elimination, kept reminding me of my messed up poop situation now that I'm #OnThePill. But it's okay, I guess. I've been having more greens and that helps. And having Billy stay inside me long after we've cum is kinda hot.

The whole no-rubber thing is a lot more fun for Billy too. He lasts longer and takes things to a whole new level. Dang, I'm getting too hot and bothered by the way this post is turning out to be. Better get back to work because those voice-memos aren't going to transcribe themselves.